Bluewater Wants To Help Mom’s Make a Splash Across America This Mother’s Day Weekend

Overland Park, Kansas, May 12, 2017 – Mother’s Day is one of the most special days of the year so why not make it last all year long?

At Bluewater USA Inc, we’re celebrating America’s 85 million moms with a unique offer. We will provide one years worth of filter’s for anyone purchasing a Bluewater water purifier this weekend, which means the whole family can enjoy purer, cleaner water all year long and mom’s can rest easy knowing the family is drinking tap water purified of almost all known contaminants.

“As a mom of three sons, I look forward to a special outing on Mother’s Day such as a nice dinner or brunch, or a bunch of flowers, but peace-of-mind trumps all else when it comes to my family, and I can think of nothing better than making sure the kids have access to clean water twenty-four-seven,” said Lin Guo, head of Bluewater USA Inc, based out of Overland Park, Kansas.

Mrs. Guo said that because Bluewater wants to help moms make a real difference to the lives of their families this weekend, Bluewater will offer 12 month’s worth of filters for each super efficient Bluewater purifier in its range purchased before midnight Sunday - an offer worth up to $140.

A Bluewater RO water purifier is designed to remove lead, organic contaminants, germs and insecticides, pharmaceuticals and other chemicals from tap water all from a compact unit that fits directly under the kitchen sink.

A recent Gallup poll revealed the concern Americans have about tap water pollution with over 63 percent stating they are worried ‘a great deal’ about drinking polluted water. Water quality fears in a country where most people still believe they can drink out of the tap and not get sick are being stoked by events like Flint and new scientific studies showing how insecticides and other pollutants are now being found in drinking water.

“Our RO water purifiers are of particular interest for anyone with a keen interest in what they ingest, from expectant mothers to athletes, and not least or those people with immune systems weakened by chemotherapy, AIDS, or organ transplants,” said Mrs. Guo, who added, so “why not consider something really different and beneficial? Something all the family can enjoy every day of the year?

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