Bluewater is helping visitors to Cape Town Ten's lifestyle event stay well hydrated despite the acute water shortage in the city.

Bluewater to turn 10,000 litres of non-municipal water into top quality drinking water at Zando Cape Town Tens - and reduce need for single-use plastic bottles

Cape Town, February 2, 2018 – Staying well hydrated at the Zando Cape Town Tens social sport and lifestyle event is proving a cinch despite the water shortage thanks to a unique Bluewater water station that is generating pristine chilled still and sparkling water for visitors without using municipal water. Bluewater, a Swedish clean drinking water technology and solutions provider, will generate 10,000 litres of clean water from a non-city source for visitors to the Hamilton Rugby Club in Green Point during the festivities February 1 – 3, in line with the Zando Cape Town 10s Tournament strategy of drawing zero litres from the local Municipal Water Grid and ensuring a “Zero to Surplus” event.

“The Zando Cape Town Tens expects around 20,000 visitors over two days, including some 5,000 athletes, all of whom need to stay well hydrated by drinking water. To help provide that water and avoid the need for single-use plastic bottles, Bluewater has provided a unique water station able to serve 10,000 litres of free chilled still and sparkling water without touching a drop of municipal water,” said James Steere, co-founder of Bluewater’s South African entity Bluewater (PTY) Ltd, which was created following a merger between Bluewater’s South Africa business and Johannesberg-based I-Drop Water.

“As a water brand, we align ourselves with people who care about themselves, others and the wellbeing of the planet, which is why we work with sporting and lifestyle events such as the Zando Cape Town Tens,” says Anders Jacobson, co-founder and CEO of Blue, the sustainability-focused holding company behind Bluewater.

Jacobson noted how Bluewater worked closely with the iconic Volvo Ocean Race as its Official Water Provider, Race Sponsor and Sustainability Partner to ensure access to clean drinking water throughout the Race’s visit to Cape Town in December 2017. Bluewater generated safe drinking water from non-municipal sources to avoid putting any burden on the city’s shrinking reserves.

Harnessing patented second generation reverse osmosis technology, the Bluewater water station uses a compact Bluewater Pro water purifier, which is able to generate up to 8,000 litres of purified water every day, removing toxic metals, chemicals, pesticides and bacteria and viruses. The clean water provided by Bluewater will be generated from two interconnected 5,000L jojo tanks filled with water taken from a spring outside of Cape Town that has been approved by Minister Mokanyane for use in hospitals, schools and elsewhere.

“Turning non-potable or brackish water from boreholes, light grey water reservoirs, rainwater harvesting systems, and other sources into clean water, the Bluewater Pro is an ideal solution for public or office drinking stations, hospitals and care homes, hotels and other sectors of the hospitality sector and more” said James Steere.

Anders Jacobson said: “Bluewater and I-Drop show how modern technology can drive alternative solutions to improve water access from non-traditional sources and disrupt the need to use environmentally unsustainable single-use plastics,” said Anders Jacobson.

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