Bluewater is extremely excited about partnering with Sweden's Artemis Racing amazing team challenging for the 2017 Americas Cup, especially because of the shared sustainability commitment to fight use of single-use plastic bottles.

Bluewater To Supply Sweden’s 2017 America’s Cup Challenger ‘Artemis Racing’ With Pristine Drinking And Cooking Water Direct From Bermudian Team Base Taps

Stockholm, Sweden, January 4, 2017 – Bluewater, a global leader in next generation water purification technologies, announced today it has partnered with the Swedish challenger for the 2017 America’s Cup Artemis Racing. Under the agreement, Bluewater has supplied, installed and will maintain a bespoke purified water delivery system harnessing three of the company’s high-performance, yet compact direct-flow Pro water purifiers to help ensure cleaner, safer tap water is available on demand to the athletes and support staff at the Artemis Racing team base in Bermuda.

“The America’s Cup is one of the world’s toughest competitions that stretches sailors to the very limit of their physical abilities and puts huge demands on optimizing hydration to sustain performance,” said Bengt Rittri, Bluewater founder and chairman.“We are extremely excited about partnering with Artemis Racing’s amazing team who are competing against the elite of the elite in the competitive yachting world.”

‘Artemis’ is an ancient Greek goddess, who is both a hunter and the protector of nature. The teamis living up to that reputation by recycling all waste, banning the use of single-use plastic bottles, and harvesting the rainwater using Bluewater’s advanced water purifiers for drinking, washing and cleaning purposes at its water-side Bermudian base.

The base relies on four 3,800 liter storage tanks to collect rainwaterfalling on the island, which suffers mini-drought conditions throughout the year that requires trucks to top up the water. Bluewater has installed three of its Pro water purifiers as well as all the required piping and tie in to serve processed water to the sailors and staff, reducing total dissolved solids (TDS) numbers from 128ppm incoming to 23ppm outgoing to the facility’s kitchen, beverage station, and boat shed, including feeding water coolers, ice machines and coffee makers.

“Because of concerns that theathletes need to keep their mineral levels high, Bluewater also installed a coconut/Calcite filter on the post end of the reverse osmosis water to add advantageous minerals to the drinking water,” Bengt Rittri said.

A Bluewater Pro range water purifier easily generates 52 gallons of purified tap drinking water every hour, 24/7, efficiently removing toxic metals such as lead as well as chemicals, microorganisms and pharmaceutical by-products. Using 82% less water than a traditional reverse osmosis water purifier, a Bluewater Pro unit will deliver 1,248 gallons of purified water per day, which equals 4,726 one-liter (33.8 fl.oz) bottle of water over 24 hours.

Bengt Rittri said that the Artemis Racing team live and breathe the vision of being the most sustainable and environmentally responsible team competing in the America’s Cup, the world’s oldest sporting trophy. A unique feature of the Bluewater installation is that all three Bluewater Pro units are plumbed to return the wastewater or concentrate water generated by all reverse osmosis systems back to the storage tanks to be re-used – creating a virtual zero waste and fully reclaimable RO system.

“The America’s Cup and Artemis Racing give Bluewater a truly dynamic, real-world platform to showcase our innovative, advanced residential water purification technologies and show just how fantastic our solutions are at giving people the chance to generate their own amazing water at home or in the workplace rather than buying costly bottled water,” Bengt Rittri said.

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