Bluewater's massive 18-meter long wall of water launched at the British Open in 2022 with 12 dispensers and two large 55 inch TV screens

Bluewater to showcase planet friendly hydration solutions at Sports Positive Summit at London’s Wembley Stadium, October 4-5

London, October 3, 2022 – Bluewater Events, the international Swedish beverage company, will showcase its diverse lineup of planet-friendly hydration stations at the upcoming Sports Positive Summit, set to take place on October 4 – 5 at London’s iconic Wembley Stadium.

The company will demonstrate its commitment to bringing a new level of innovation to sustainable mass public hydration at events, festivals and venues in its Events Division.

Bluewater will show how it leverages the theme ‘satisfying people's thirst for life without compromising the planet’ to underline a new era of its expanding events and venue hydration solutions portfolio.

The products on show at the Sports Positive Summit include the debut of a next generation HydraPower water station (photo above) equipped with a 55 inch high-bright TV screen enabling flexible digital signage options for either indoor or outdoor use, alongside a new compact HydraFlow water station developed for use in indoor venues ranging from gyms to conference suites, hospitals, schools and super markets.

The 500 attendees at the sell-out Summit will also be able to fill their reusable Bluewater bottles provided to each delegate at a large Bluewater Event Hydration station able to purify and dispense up to 12,000 litres of ambient, chilled or sparkling water per day.

Bluewater Events Managing Director Philip Russell (photo above) said: “Innovating exceptional hydration solutions that help events, festivals and venues end the need for environmentally catastrophic single-use plastic bottles is what sets Bluewater apart and allows us to make a difference in a world facing a climate emergency. Our solutions are geared to deliver pure, delicious and planet-friendly water generated locally at point of use, thereby ending the wasteful packaging and transportation historically associated with the bottled water industry. We pair our advanced water purifiers and dispensers with a premium line of sustainable refillable water bottles, made from stainless steel or borosilicate glass, that can be fully customised according to customer preferences."

“With the introduction of our digital signage screens to accompany our water stations, we are providing a further income generation stream to our customers in addition to the static advertising platforms provided by our stations and the sale of Bluewater’s planet-friendly premium refillable bottles that are warrantied to last a lifetime. We are hugely excited to welcome all the attendees at the Sports Positive Summit, and to provide the opportunity to see and try our great tasting water, which is as clean as nature intended with all potential contaminants ranging from chemicals to toxic metals and even microplastics removed.”

Technologies being debuted include:

New HydraPower water station equipped with a 55” high-bright HD portrait screen (indoor or outdoor)

New HydraFlow indoor water dispenser for in gyms, schools, hotels and other public environments, utilising medical-grade technology with stainless steel to provide virus-free, bacteria-free, and germ-free safe drinking water while helping individuals keep up with their water intake.

For more information please contact, David Noble, PR, Communications and Events Director at or +44 (0) 7785 302 694.