The compact Bluewater Pro 400 has been honored with a 2019 Kitchen Innovations Award

Bluewater to showcase award winning Pro 400 at WQA, spotlights innovation-led restaurant and whole house solutions

Kansas City, Kansas, April 4, 2019 – Bluewater, a world leader in water purification tech and solutions, is set to wow visitors to the 2019 WQA in Las Vegas, April 24 - 25, with a range of award-winning water purifiers and unique offerings for commercial kitchens and whole house solutions.

Bluewater products at the show will include the Bluewater Pro 400 that recently was honored with a 2019 Kitchen Innovations award for the way it positively impacts and improves commercial kitchen operations.

“The Bluewater Pro is a total game-changer for professional kitchens and whole house water purification solutions thanks to its unique, patented technology that generates up to 1,825 gallons of direct-flow water a day despite its highly compact, space-saving size,” said Ms. Lin Guo, head of Bluewater sales in North America.

Innovated and made in Sweden, the Bluewater Pro 400 harnesses a unique, patented reverse-osmosis technology called SuperiorOsmosis™ , a unique engineering solution that ensures the membrane is washed continuously while in use to increase filtration efficiency, boost operating capacity, reduces energy use and provide a long service life.

WQA Gold Seal certified. Bluewater Pro measures just 18.3 inches high and 8.9 inches wide. In addition to delivering pristine water quality, the Bluewater Pro provides excellent green-business credentials such as reducing the need for dishwasher detergents, cutting the need for single-use plastic bottles of water and slashing water wastage common to traditional reverse osmosis systems.

The Bluewater WQA booth (#555) at the Las Vegas Convention Center will also showcase the Bluewater Spirit and Bluewater Cleone models, both also WQA Gold Seal certified.

Delivering up to 936 gallons of purified tap water per day, the Bluewater Spirit removes practically all known waterborne contaminants, including chemical substances, toxic metals and bacteria to deliver consumers and small business users one of the best investments they can make in the health and wellness of family or customers and staff.

The Bluewater Cleone is the ‘baby’ in the Bluewater line-up yet nonetheless delivers customers high quality clean water from a compact, under the sink unit that enables them to fulfil their demands for a healthier lifestyle, removing 98% of copper, cyst, fluoride, lead and nitrate contaminates from tap water.

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