Didier Perez (left), CEO of Indonesia's PT PIPA, and Bengt Rittri, CEO of Sweden's Bluewater, sign a strategic partnership designed to further enhance water security in Indonesia for people and the environment

Bluewater Strengthens Presence in Southeast Asia By Partnering With Indonesian Company PT PIPA

Jakarta, December 8, 2023 – Leading international water purification and beverage group Bluewater today proudly announced a formal partnership with Pt Pran Indo Permata Abadi (PT PIPA), a prominent Indonesian water sustainability engineering company. This strategic merger reinforces Bluewater's position in Indonesia and cements its stature as a critical player in the Southeast Asian market. With the undisclosed sum agreement, both Bluewater and PT PIPA stand to reap long-term benefits from this collaboration.

"Bringing PT PIPA into the global Bluewater family opens up new avenues for growth and expansion for the Bluewater group across multiple key sectors, from hospitality and tourism to public dispensing," said Bengt Rittri, Bluewater founder and CEO.

One of Sweden's foremost environmental entrepreneurs, Mr. Rittri said that by tapping into PT PIPA's extensive local infrastructure and market knowledge, Bluewater aims to establish a stronghold in Indonesia quickly. He added that the partnership will also enable Bluewater to leverage PT PIPA's existing customer base and distribution network, providing an instant boost to market penetration.

In addition to strengthening its position in Indonesia, this partnership presents Bluewater with an exciting opportunity to further consolidate its presence in Southeast Asia. With a growing demand for safe and clean drinking water in the region, Bluewater's advanced water purification solutions and innovative beverage offerings are set to impact the market significantly. By combining their expertise, Bluewater and PT PIPA can effectively address the region's water challenges while providing sustainable, high-quality products to consumers.

Founded in 1998 by Mr. Didier Perez, PT PIPA is one of Indonesia's most resilient and top-rated water sustainability engineering corporations. It explores, designs, implements, and communicates solutions, especially within the hospitality and tourism sector, with clients including Accor Hotels, Marriott, Tauzia Hotels (now Ascott Group).

PT PIPA has twice been named Best SME by the Indonesian Business Council on Sustainable Development (2012-2016). Their partnership with Mercure Hotel Ancol-Jakarta was awarded the "Green Hotelier of the Year 2019", a worldwide competition organized by the London-based International Tourism Partnership. PT PIPA's first integrated bottling plant project for ACCOR Hotel in Indonesia was awarded the "World Travel Market 2022" Gold medal and was spotlighted as an Innovation by "Sea of Solutions", a UNDP initiative to fight ocean plastic pollution co-financed by the Government of Sweden.

Didier Perez has regularly contributed to Indonesia's effort to strengthen its water security and will be one of its strongest advocates during the World Water Forum in Bali in May 2024.

CEO Didier Perez expressed his confidence in the partnership. He said: "the partnership between PT PIPA and Bluewater is a game-changer. This collaboration opens up endless possibilities for both companies to transform Indonesia's and Southeast Asia's water industries. With Bluewater's advanced technologies and PT PIPA's local expertise, the partnership is poised to excel in meeting the region's water needs in hospitality and tourism sectors such as hotels and catering and public dispensing."

Bluewater and PT PIPA aim to pioneer sustainable water solutions and revolutionize the beverage industry. Together, they are committed to promoting environmental stewardship, harnessing innovation, and delivering exceptional products and services to customers across the region.

Bluewater's partnership with PT PIPA represents a company unafraid to push boundaries, explore new horizons, and create positive change. With their shared vision and unwavering commitment to excellence, Bluewater and PT PIPA are poised to transform Indonesia's water purification and beverage landscape, one drop at a time.

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