Bluewater is official drinking water provider of ​The Ocean Race, the round-the-world extreme sailing spectacular  (Photo: The Ocean Race)

Bluewater storms ahead in sailing sports arena in partnership with The Ocean Race

Stockholm, Sweden, Wednesday, April 24, 2019 -- Sweden’s global Bluewater water company today announced it will be official drinking water provider of The Ocean Race, the round-the-world extreme sailing spectacular that now replaces the former Volvo Ocean Race.

Bluewater, a leader in world-beating water purification and solutions technologies, says it will leverage the race to engage with sailing and other sports fans to drive home its anti-single-use plastic bottle messaging with a focus on spotlighting here-and-now solutions to the micro-plastics tsunami threatening planetary and human health.

“Micro plastics are now in the water we drink, the food we eat and the air we breathe, but we need to increasingly focus beyond the actual problem to also embrace here-and-now solutions,” said Anders Jacobson, co-founder and CEO of Blue, the impact-focused investment company that owns Bluewater.

The Ocean Race will start from Alicante, Spain, in the autumn of 2021 and finish in Europe in early summer of 2022 with up to nine stopover ports, which are still being determined.

With a commitment to put sustainability at its heart, the upcoming Ocean Race is developing a roadmap together with key stakeholders such as Bluewater that is designed to inspire action and create tangible outcomes. The race villages will showcase sustainable living in action, including Bluewater’s iconic water stations that are able to generate pure water from practically any source no matter how contaminated and providing host cities and millions of visitors with the ultimate pure water drinking experience.

Anders Jacobson said he could think of no better way to engage closer with wider publics than to leverage the immense power world-spanning sporting events such as The Ocean Race have to draw attention to key issues such as sustainability, ocean and land pollution and water contamination.

He added Bluewater already now offers the technology and solutions both to slash the need for single-use plastic bottles and their transportation and to remove from tap and washing water the plastic particles and the chemicals they leech.

“We are proud to announce that we are continuing to work in partnership with Bluewater,” said Johan Salén, the Managing Director of The Ocean Race.

“Encouraging people to re-evaluate their relationship with plastic and how they consume water is central to our mission and was a key element in reducing our environmental footprint in the previous race.”

Often described as the longest and toughest professional sporting event in the world, the race is a round-the-clock pursuit of competitive edge and the ultimate ocean marathon, pitting the sport’s best sailors against each other across the world’s toughest waters.

A total of 2.5 million people visited Race Villages located at all the stopovers during the 2017-18 event at which Bluewater supplied unique hydration stations in its capacity as Official Water Supplier and Environmental Partner that helped avoid the need for over 388,000 single-use plastic bottles.

“Following on from our very successful involvement with other prestigious sporting, musical and other events ranging from Formula E to the Cape Town Carnival and the world’s largest outdoor yoga event in Hong Kong, we are excited to partner with The Ocean Race as it enters a new era as the leader in the league of sailing sports. We look forward to working with The Ocean Race to jointly provide both a thrilling sporting experience as well as actively drive greater worldwide sustainability initiatives and awareness around public water issues and alternatives that can tackle the plastic plague,” said Anders Jacobson.

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