Bluewater Spirit Water Purifier Wins Prestigious International Innovation And Design Award At Europe’s Biggest Tech Show, IFA Berlin 2015

BERLIN, September 9, 2015 – Bluewater, a world leader in providing people tap water free of practically all contaminants, today won an Envisioneering Innovation and Design Award for its breakthrough Spirit water purifier, which delivers second generation reverse osmosis that slashes the water wastage of traditional reverse osmosis solutions by up to 82 percent.

The new Bluewater Spirit was honored during Showstoppers IFA 2015, the official press event attended by hundreds of journalists at the global tradeshow for consumer electronics and home appliances in Berlin, Germany, in early September.

Richard Doherty, lead Envisioneering judge, said: "ShowStoppers attracts key startups, spinoffs, disruptors - innovators all! With their global reach and frequent showcase cycles of exhibitors, ShowStoppers offers a ready showcase for startups and industry leaders driving radical new digital lifestyle products and services.”

The award comes in the first year Bluewater has participated at the IFA Showstoppers event, during which a select group of over 70 companies compete to win recognition for their innovation level, design and value to consumers. Envisioneering's international team of technologists, marketers and industrial designers assessed each product, technology or service before making their choices for the ‘best of the best’ at IFA 2015 Berlin.

Speaking at the company's head office in Stockholm, Sweden, Bluewater Managing Director Niclas Wullt said: “At Bluewater, we innovate and champion water purification as a means to improve human health and wellbeing. We are honored to receive an Envisioneering Award, which confirms our success at steering product innovation and design driven by insights from consumers wanting to live healthier lifestyles.”

Envisioneering is world-renowned for its objective assessment of new technologies, product and services embodiments, and the talents who drive them to market. Envisioneering's analysts are often quoted by print, web and video media for their assessments of "what's next" in technology benefit, fun and value. The Bluewater Envisioneering award was handed over to Bluewater founder Bengt Rittri.

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