Wowing affluent Chinese homeowners by showing how two inline Bluewater Pro 600 water purifiers can deliver pure water with a powerful flow and without any chemical or other health threatening contaminants direct from a residential shower.

Bluewater showcases premium, new-generation water purifiers for luxury homes at Shanghai China International Import Show

Shanghai, China, November 5, 2018 – Bluewater, a world leader in leading-edge residential, commercial and public water purifier technologies and solutions, is highlighting its innovative premium, new-generation reverse osmosis water purifiers at the China International Import Expo November 5 – 10 in Shanghai, China. The show has over 3,000 exhibiting companies from 130 countries.

Bluewater is thrilled to be part of the China International Import Expo where we will be showcasing and demonstrating the innovative premium water purifiers we are offering in China,” said Sam Li, Senior Executive at Bluewater China.

“We hope our next generation reverse osmosis purifiers become the technology of choice for China’s luxury consumers as they offer a unique and optimal solution to guarantee high quality, safe to drink water direct from residential kitchen taps and bathroom shower faucets.”

Luxury peace of mind

Bluewater’s water purifiers provide excellent water on demand at powerful municipal flow rates.

As water-wise luxury home owners look to upgrade their healthy lifestyles and enjoy peace-of-mind about family wellbeing, a Bluewater high-end water purifier is the ideal solution. Users benefit from to awe-inspiring amounts of clean water delivery from a compact unit with unsurpassed ability to deliver water as pure as nature intended from taps in kitchens and bathrooms alike.

Bluewater technology removes up to 99% of all known contaminants from tap water, including lead, chemicals, microplastics and other substances that can threaten health and wellbeing.

“Bluewater givers home owners and their loved ones amazing peace of mind that the water coming from their taps is fit to drink, ideal for washing vegetables and cooking, and is safe to bathe or shower in," said Sam Li.

"Bluewater water purifiers are unique in that their new generation reverse osmosis technology has been developed in Sweden, one of the world’s most environmentally aware nations, to deliver outstanding clean water delivery efficiency, compactness, attractive design and durability” .

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Visit Bluewater at the China International Import Expo on Booth B0-06