Plastics pollution of our oceans has reached a stage where over 70% of deep sea fish have ingested plastic, according to new scientific research

Bluewater says levels of plastics being found in deep sea fish are 'extraordinarily worrying' for human and planetary health

Stockholm, Sweden, February 21, 2018 –Bluewater top executive Anders Jacobson today called on world governments to take a stand against plastics pollution saying newly-released evidence that over 70% of deep sea fish have ingested plastic with additives such as flame retarders and colourants poses a threat to human health for generations to come.

“It is extraordinarily worrying that plastic particles have now been found in three out of four deep-sea fish thousands of kilometres from land,” said Anders Jacobson, who is co-founder and CEO of Blue, the sustainability focused holding company of Bluewater, a world leader in clean drinking water technologies and solutions. He said the study published this week in the journal Frontiers in Marine Science is further evidence of how ocean pollution by plastic is a serious issue facing society.

“As a company, Bluewater takes a stand against the ongoing tsunami of plastic waste ending up in our ocean and land environments that threaten human and planetary health,” said Anders Jacobson. He underlined that taking care of the planetary environment is a fundamental value core to Bluewater’s business mission.

Last year, Bluewater’s founder, Swedish environmentalist Bengt Rittri, launched a movement to harness human ingenuity to deliver water purification technology and solutions to people everywhere on the planet and help slash the need for single-use plastic bottles. Anders Jacobson said the key role of Bluewater is to deliver value to society with water purification technologies that can make a huge difference to people, society and the planet’s environmental health.

“We believe a company can function in a sustainable way to do something right for future generations, which is why we have made battling single-use plastics, their use and transportation with solutions that allow pure water to be generated at point of use a core business mission.”

State-of the-art Bluewater water purification solutions deliver unsurpassed high levels of water purification, best-in-class water flow and dramatically slashed water wastage that is common to traditional reverse osmosis technology.

Bluewater has built a worldwide reputation for its patented water solutions that generate efficient, cost effective point-of-use water purification. Bluewater’s unmatched technology can turn brackish water, waste water and polluted rain, river or borehole water into clean water, removing over 99% of all contaminants including toxic metals, hazardous chemicals and health-threatening viruses.

“Today hundreds of thousands of people in Europe, the USA and Asia, including China, rely on Bluewater clean water delivery solutions for their still or sparkling water generated on site rather than having been shipped from one side of the world to another in a plastic bottle that ends up in landfill, the ocean, fish stomachs and, ultimately, in us,” said Anders Jacobson.

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