Bluewater hydration stations were a hit at the Ohana Festival at California’s Doheny State Beach in September (Photo: Trent Virden)

Bluewater rocking the planet, helps rock-n-roll events clean up their single-use plastic bottle act

Stockholm, Sweden, October 7, 2019 – Attending music gigs can be thirsty work for fans, especially in warm weather, but Sweden’s water tech leader Bluewater is on track to disrupt the global live music event industry with unique drinking water dispensers designed to help fans avoid becoming parched and dehydrated.

From South Africa to the United States, Bluewater’s iconic hydration stations and mobile water trailers are popping up at one festival after another to serve chilled still and sparkling water direct from the tap. And in the process help slash the need for the single-use plastic bottles that threaten planetary and human health as they are dumped in landfill and the oceans to break down into microplastics.

In South Africa, Bluewater mobile water trailers proved a big hit for the second year running at Cape Town’s hugely popular three-day Rocking the Daisies event running October 4 - 6. The over 10,000 music lovers flocking to see performers such as ‘The 1975’, ‘Earthgang’ and ‘Lady M’ were treated to near-endless amounts of free still or sparkling drinking water purified and served from four Bluewater trailers located in the event’s camping areas.

Meanwhile, in the USA, Bluewater hydration stations were a feature at the Ohana Festival at California’s Doheny State Beach, running September 27 - 29. Branded in the snappy artwork design of Bluewater partner Rocean, which will be launching its own awesome countertop purification appliance towards the end of 2019, the Bluewater hydration stations served hundreds of gallons of free still and sparkling water to fans gathered to enjoy ‘The Strokes’, ‘Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ and ‘Eddie Vedder’.

“Bluewater hydration stations deliver unmatched amounts of on-demand purified water, served chilled still or sparkling, enabling event organisers to make a positive sustainable contribution to the environmental health of the planet by banishing the need for single-use plastic water bottles,” said Bluewater founder and CEO Bengt Rittri, a Swedish environmental entrepreneur.

“Mega rock-n-roll gigs can have an enormous impact on educating the thousands of music fans about the way single-use plastic bottles are ocean enemy number 1. We are showing there are now ways to create sustainable music festivals and help visitors to stay dehydrated without further damaging our land and sea environments,” Rittri said.

Editorial background

Bluewater hydration stations harness a unique patented second-generation reverse osmosis technology called SuperiorOsmosisTM that delivers unmatched amounts of ultra pure water from practically any water source while also dramatically reducing the waste water generated by traditional RO systems. The hydration stations have been successfully used to end the use of single-use plastic bottles at events such as The Open golf tournament, The Volvo Ocean Race and Formula E races.

For more information, please contact Dave Noble, Bluewater PR & Communications Director at or +44 7785 302 694.