Does the drinking water coming out of your faucet contain dangerous levels of lead? New law in California seeks to protect consumers from potentially dangerous faucets (Credit-yamasan  Stock photo ID-1291761650)

Bluewater praises new Californian law protecting consumers from lead-leaching faucets

Stockholm, Sweden, October 10, 2021 – International drinking water innovator Bluewater today praised new legislation signed into law in California that establishes the strictest lead-leaching limit in the United States.

“The legislation is a major step forward in helping to safeguard the health of Californians from toxic lead exposure,” said Bluewater spokesperson Dave Noble, PR and Communications Director of the Swedish company. The new legislation requires that from 2023 all faucets and fixtures with potable water sold in California should not leach more than one microgram of lead – five times less lead than the current industry certification standard allows.

The Environmental Working Group, a Washington-based non-profit, non-partisan organization that empowers people to live healthier lives in a healthier environment, noted that lead is a neurotoxin that can cause permanent brain damage, and children absorb half of the lead they ingest.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says there is no safe level of lead exposure in drinking water for children and that nobody, especially small children and pregnant women, should ingest any amount of lead. The CDCsays the most common sources of lead in drinking water are lead pipes, faucets, especially older brass taps, and plumbing fixtures.

Bluewater water purifiers for home and commercial use in restaurants, hotels and public dispensers are designed to remove lead and most other known contaminants from drinking water, including PFAS and chemicals.

“We provide peace-of-mind for consumers worried about the potential for lead leaching into their drinking water at home with innovative compact water purifiers such as our compact Bluewater PRO model that help protect again exposure to lead. We hope other states across the United States will follow California’s example in ensuring faucets and plumbing fixtures leach as little lead as possible,” said Dave Noble.

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