Bluewater launches video training library to help installation and maintenance of its premium water purifiers

Sweden’s Bluewater, a world leading premium residential and light commercial water purification brand, has launched a comprehensive library of instructional videos to help customers maximize the performance of their appliances. The short films, available on Bluewater’s YouTube channel and Google+ platform, aim to simplify installation, filter changes and routine maintenance of Bluewater’s Cleone, Spirit and Pro models.

Each video provides an extremely easy and visual means of gaining a better understanding of how to undertake a specific task, from routinely replacing a filter to tackling a more complex operation such as changing a membrane or motor. The videos are initially available in English, but Chinese, German, French and Spanish versions will be online by the end of November 2014.

Niclas Wullt, managing director at Bluewater, said the company wanted to put together a series of videos that would help customers and professional plumbers really understand how to look after their equipment and avoid potential problems.

“Our reverse osmosis water purifiers are designed to function perfectly 24/7 delivering water that is pristine clean to drink and we’re sure our customers want to keep their appliances running in tiptop condition by following our cleaning and maintenance schedules,” he said.

“We are committed as a brand to engaging our customers with interesting and informative content and Bluewater’s ‘how to’ videos are the perfect way to fulfil this promise.”

Bluewater’s installation and maintenance videos are already being welcomed by the company’s retail customers and residential and light commercial end-users as a quick and easy way to understand and get the most out of their water purifiers.

The Bluewater video’s can be watched at