Stockholm's two municipal air ambulances are handling more callouts than ever before with a higher turnover of patients due to the critical Covid-19 challenge.

Bluewater Helps Stockholm’s Airborne Paramedics Stay Fit For Flight On The Covid Front Line

Stockholm, May 25, 2020 – From the air, Stockholm appears as a massive 188 sq kms sprawl of cityscape streets, forests, lakes and islands, which puts huge pressure on the Swedish capital’s airbourne paramedics whisking outlying Covid patients into inner-city hospitals.

Flying 12-hour shifts the 3-person crews of the city’s two municipal air ambulances are handling more callouts than ever before with a higher turnover of patients due to the critical new Covid-19 challenge.

“There is no such thing as a typical day for a frontline flying paramedic crew, who need to fight the clock day or night to find, treat and speed a critically ill patient into a Stockholm city hospital,” said Bluewater Key Account Manager Gustaf Gustaf Hagström.

He noted how the paramedics have to not only battle the stress of treating patients, they also need to deal with bad weather and the complexity of landing in unknown terrain, ranging from farmer’s fields to football pitches, car parks, or at golf clubs.

As a world leader in water purification and hydration technologies and solutions, Bluewater is all too aware that if the body doesn’t get the fluids it needs it will lead to insufficient hydration, which science shows can lead to impaired mental and physical performance.

Realising that proper hydration regimes often gets a back seat during stress situations like flying a helicopter with a seriously sick patient on board, Bluewater donated two water stations dispensing chilled still and sparkling water to the airbourne paramedics.

One Bluewater station has been installed at the newly built operative Covid-19 center at Stockholm’s inner city Danderyds Hospital. The facility handles all Coronavirus testing, stores emergency personal protection equipment, and coordinates all Covid-19 ambulance operations..

“We also installed a water station at the helicopter pad in the town of Norrtälje, abut 70 kilometers north of Stockholm where two choppers and ten pilots on standby around the clock,” said Gustaf.

He added that Bluewater’s aim was to ensure that the pilots had on demand access to fresh water, served chilled still or sparkling, and remineralised to ensure a healthy balance of minerals that may keep energy at top performance levels.

Equipped with Bluewater’s award winning Pro 400BCV-HR, each water station is able to deliver up to 7000 liters of still or carbonated water a day.

“The stations have been donated for as long as the Corona crisis continues, and we hope they will help the flying paramedics stay in peak performance by reducing the risk of dehydration that comes when heart rates rise and you breath more heavily,” said Gustaf Hagström.

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