Skiiers limbering up for the world's toughest long-distance ski race - Sweden's 90k Vasaloppet

Bluewater Helps Keep Cross Country Skiing Athletes energized during Sweden's 90k Vasaloppet ski marathon

Stockholm, March 4, 2017 – The availability of blueberry soup – or Blåbärssoppa in Swedish – for the thousands of competitors in the 2017 Vasaloppet ski race on the first weekend in March has been secured after Sweden’s Bluewater water purifying company stepped in to ensure it was safe to drink. High in energy, the famed Blueberry Soup was placed at risk after a well at Eldris, near the finishing line in Mora, which supplies the water for blending the powder mix creating the soup, was found to contain unacceptable levels of fluoride.

“After hearing of the threat to Blåbärssoppa that is as important to Vasaloppet athletes as correctly waxed skis, we stepped in by donating two of our powerhouse Bluewater Pro water purifiers that remove most tap water contaminants,” said Phoung Pihlträd, Buewater’s Product Marketing specialist.

Measurements of the water taken from the Eldis Well by the race organisers showed elevated levels of fluoride of around 28mg/l, which medical experts believe can pose a threat to tooth enamel. Fluoride levels about 6mg/l are considered harmful to human health.

After being purified by the compact Bluewater Pro, the amount of fluoride in the Eldis well water had been reduced by almost 98 percent to just 0.05 mg/l.

“Over 50 000 liters of Blåbärssoppa are consumed during the Vasaloppet. Even if the elevated fluoride levels were not considered a direct health threat, we would have been obliged to ship in tanker loads of water in order to be able to serve up the blueberry soup,” said Vasaloppet’s spokeswoman Lena Hermansson. She added that Bluewater stepping in as a partner to solve the problem was the answer to their dreams.

Bluewater harnesses its own patented SuperiorOsmosis technology, which is second generation reverse osmosis. This involves taking the water from a source such as the Eldris well – or a water inlet in the kitchen in a home or restaurant – and pushing through a series of filters and a membrane that remove contaminants such as fluoride. The end result is pristine water. Bluewater’s technology can remove everything down to 0.0001 micron, which is 500,000 times smaller in diameter than a human hair.

“The 90-kilometer long Vasaloppet is an amazing test of human endurance that demands peak condition and good nutrition and hydration to complete. We’re happy we’re helping the athletes taking part by ensuring their Blåbärssoppa is healthy and tasty to consume,” said Buewater’s Phoung Pihlträd.

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