A high-performance, direct flow Bluewater Pro fits snugly under a sink, able to generate 52 gallons of safer tap drinking and cooking water every hour throughout the day.

Bluewater Display’s Water Purifier Innovations at KBIS 2017, Designed to Put People in Charge of Their Own Tap Water Quality

Orlando, January 10, 2017 – Bluewater today displays a full range of its innovative hi-tech water purifiers for homeowners and catering businesses at the 2017 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) in Orlanda, Florida. KBIS is the world’s largest international kitchen and bath industry event showcasing the latest products and most innovative design ideas that meet the needs of the marketplace.

“Bluewater offers homeowners the solutions that address America’s pressing tap water problems, ranging from an ageing water delivery infrastructure to scandals such as the lead contamination in Flint, Michigan,” said Ms. Lin Guo, Bluewater Inc. National Representative. She said that the filtration technology inside Bluewater’s purifiers “spell doom for contaminants that can find their way into tap water, including lead, pharmaceutical hormones and phosphates.”

Founded in Sweden, Bluewater has rapidly achieved global success with robust sales in the USA, Europe and China for the way its efficient, point-of-use water purification technologies deliver the world’s best clean water delivery rates from residential taps. With its U.S. head office located in Overland Park, Kansas, Bluewater’s product portfolio and service support organization is fully geared to meet the growing demand throughout North America.

Designed to be easy to fit under a kitchen sink, the contemporary-looking high performance, compact and direct-flow Bluewater Spirit and Pro water purifiers have been innovated from the drawing board to remove lead, chlorine, pesticides and herbicides, prescription drugs and home detergents from tap drinking water. The top-performing Pro will generate 52 gallons of safer, healthier tap drinking and cooking water every hour throughout the day and is an ideal solution for home-owners seeking a whole house solution.

“We believe the safest option for people worried about the presence of contaminants in their tap water at home is to take control of their own water quality by installing superior water purifiers at point-of-use,” said Ms. Guo.

“The problem is that there are so many new contaminants getting into our tap water nowadays that we just don’t know the extent of hazards. We believe Bluewater’s second generation reverse osmosis technology offers the best hope right now as it can remove up to 99 percent of large pharmaceutical molecules.”

Editors notes:

  • Bluewater Pro, Spirit and Cleone water purifiers are WQA Gold Seal certified, which assures customers Bluewater’s products have been tested and certified to industry standards and meet the claims made on the company’s packaging and literature.
  • At KBIS 2017, Bluewater will be demonstrating its Pro and other water purifiers on KBIS Booth #S5087, January 10 – 12, 2017,
  • A new Bluewater White Paper discusses how emerging potential threats to human health, including pharmaceuticals, personal care products (PCPs) and endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs), are being found in tap drinking water despite passing through water utility systems. To download the white paper visit www.bluewatergroup.com.

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