Massive Bluewater Water Wall with dispensers and digital content screen at 2023's The Open in Royal Liverpool Village

Bluewater deploys two mega-sized Water Wall hydration stations at The 151st Open to hydrate golf fans at Royal Liverpool

Stockholm, Sweden, July 20, 2023 — The 151st Open, golf’s original and most international major championship, is underway at the prestigious Royal Liverpool Golf Club in England, and it's time to get excited about more than just birdies and bogeys.

Sweden's Bluewater, a global leader in innovative water purification and beverage solutions, has again teamed up with The R&A, organisers of The Open, the oldest of golf’s Majors, to bring golf enthusiasts and sports fans something genuinely extraordinary: two mega-sized Water Wall hydration stations that revolutionise how visitors quench their thirst while at a major event.

"Say goodbye to single-use plastic bottles and hello to a refreshing new way of staying hydrated while enjoying this iconic event at Royal Liverpool," said Bluewater founder and CEO Bengt Rittri (photo above). He said visitors should "prepare for an unforgettable experience combining sustainability and the world's best golfers with cutting-edge hydration technology."

Not one, but two high-performing Bluewater Water Walls

Bluewater is keeping thirsty fans enjoying the golf at Royal Liverpool hydrated with two of the company's innovative mega-sized 'Water Wall' hydration stations, plus a range of other water stations deployed throughout the venue designed to provide visitors to The 151st Open with a refreshing and sustainable way to quench their thirst without the need for single-use plastic bottles.

"Gone are the days of lugging around toxic single-use plastic bottles or constantly searching for drinking fountains," says Philip Russell, Managing Director of Bluewater's Event organization. "Thanks to Bluewater's strategically sited 16 hydration stations around the Royal Liverpool venue, players, fans, staff and volunteers will be able to refill with purified and chilled drinking water across the Championship.” Bluewater has also supplied a range of customised stainless steel refillable bottles, which will be available for purchase on site.

Bluewater’s Water Wall hydration stations have been specially developed for premium events and venues to combine a mass drinking water dispensing solution with a unique brand activation platform. The Water Walls incorporate 55” high-bright TV screens with full content customisation capability. Two Water Walls will be in operation at Royal Liverpool this week: an 8-metre Wall in the main Spectator Village next to The Shop, and a 7-metre Wall directly adjacent to the Mastercard Club.

"We’ve designed our Water Walls to act as high-visibility hydration oases that are simply unmissable at major events, added Philip Russell. He said the Water Walls offer convenience and align perfectly with The R&A's deep-rooted commitment towards environmental sustainability at The Open, which is "something that resonates deeply within all avid golfers who appreciate and respect the unique connection the sport has with the natural world."

Unique collaboration

Mastercard, an Official Patron of The Open, has proudly supported The Open Water Project since 2021. The project, created and instigated by The R&A in collaboration with Bluewater, saw The Open become one of the first major sporting events in the world to completely eliminate single-use plastic water bottles. For every Bluewater stainless steel refillable bottle sold on site, a proportion of revenues are directed towards Priceless Planet Coalition tree planting projects.

Mastercard founded the Priceless Planet Coalition in 2020 as a platform for combatting climate change by planting 100 million trees by 2025. Golf fans on site at The Open are being encouraged to make donations to PPC tree planting using the QR codes and tap-and-donate modules integrated within the Water Walls. Direct donation is also available via

"This innovative project sets an inspiring example for other events, organisers, and sponsors worldwide," says Bengt Rittri, a Swedish environmental entrepreneur. "We gratefully thank the commitment of The R&A to being a sustainability frontrunner and for taking the bold step to demonstrate that innovative and planet-friendly solutions are possible. The example set by The Open is globally significant in showcasing that major events can be successfully delivered without reliance on the single-use plastic water bottles that are so damaging to planetary health. At Bluewater, we are very proud to be able to supply our industry-leading solutions to enable this amazing project and to show the world that we can hydrate responsibly without compromising on convenience or taste or the commercial viability of a major event!"

For more information, please contact Dave Noble, Bluewater Chief Communications Officer, at or +44 7785 302694

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