Bluewater sustainability spokesperson Philip Russell urges consumers and businesses to work together to help ditch single-use plastic water bottles (Photo Alexander bello)

Bluewater Challenges Consumers and Private Sectors to “Ditch Single-Use Plastic Bottles" to Avert Destruction of Planetary Systems

In a bid to combat the growing environmental crisis of single-use plastic bottles, Bluewater a leading provider of innovative water purification and beverage solutions, has called for an urgent transformational shift in global provision of drinking water systems. The plea comes amid ongoing international reliance on bottled water, in an industry forecasted to almost double in size by 2030. Some 1 million plastic bottles are still being purchased around the world every minute, with recycling rates being as low as only 9%, and the remainder dumped into landfill, being incinerated, or entering terrestrial and marine ecosystems.

Speaking within a panel debate on business models that enrich biodiversity at the COP28 Climate Action Innovation Zone in Dubai in early December, Philip Russell, Bluewater Sustainability Spokesperson, told delegates that there is clear and present danger to human and planetary health if the flow of single-use plastics into natural ecosystems is not urgently halted.

Bluewater has built a disruptive business model to challenge the USD 300 billion global bottled water market, by applying advanced purification technologies to transform low-grade municipal water into pure, healthy, and planet-friendly drinking water where, and when, it’s needed. Combined with the Swedish innovator’s stainless steel refillable bottles, which are lifetime warrantied, Bluewater has highlighted that its state-of-the-art purifiers present all the building blocks to rapidly scale the deployment of ‘Hydration 2.0’.

“Our technology offers a present, proven, and market-ready solution to the global plastic crisis”, Mr. Russell said. And he underscored that tools exist to deliver the change we urgently need to see around the world.

“It is imperative that we now see urgent action from both the public and private sectors to decouple from the plastic bottle supply chain and invest in the future-proofed low-carbon hydration infrastructure that enables purified drinking water to be produced directly at point of consumption from local sources.”

Mr. Russell added: “To imagine a better and sustainable future, we have to use imagination and creativity. Bluewater is a company that has committed to embedding transformation, and nature protection, into business practice. We have worked hard to innovate disruptive and scalable technology solutions which can completely redefine global access to clean and sustainable drinking water.”

Bluewater's call to arms is an accelerator for the growing public concern about the health impacts of single-use plastics in our environment, with some research indicating humans are ingesting up to 5 grams a week of micro-plastic; equivalent to eating a credit card. Studies have revealed presence of micro-plastics in some bottled water, and the medical community continues to raise alarm over the unknown impacts of micro-plastics on human biology. In scaling the availability of its transformative hydration solutions, Bluewater is working to boost consumer awareness about the importance of clean water and the role everyone can play in tackling global plastic waste.

Mr Russell told the audience that ‘Bluewater is empowering us all, from everyday consumers to hospitality businesses, events, and public bodies, to harness and leverage here-and-now innovative technology to eliminate reliance on single-use plastic bottles’.

Bluewater's call to action in Dubai builds on the company’s foundational commitment to creating a sustainable future for drinking water, which was placed as the organisation’s core business mission by founder and CEO Bengt Rittri, one of Sweden’s foremost environmental entrepreneurs.

In a world where access to clean water is diminishing and every drink counts, Bluewater is committed to leading the charge against single-use plastic bottles and invites everyone to join them in making a positive difference in the world, one drink at a time.

About Bluewater

Bluewater has set its sights on being the world's most planet-friendly beverage company by innovating disruptive water purification technologies for home, work, and play. Providing drinking water generated and distributed at the point of use, combined with reusable stainless steel and glass bottles, Bluewater is helping to break the stranglehold of single-use plastic bottles and their unnecessary, polluting transportation. Bluewater products are available globally to consumers, hotel and catering operations, and event and venue organizations. Bluewater has been honored with two Fast Company World Changing Ideas Awards, a K&B Kitchen Innovation of the Year Award and has been recognized for its sustainability efforts by numerous other publications.

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