High performing, compact Bluewater Spirit water purifier fits snugly into any kitchen and produces up to 3,380 liters of fresh drinking water on demand every day direct from the tap

Bluewater brings world beating water purification solutions to UAE

Stockholm, Sweden, February 10, 2020 – Bluewater, a Swedish water brand delivering transformative home and commercial water purifiers, today announced its Middle East debut with the United Arab Emirates-wide launch of its world-beating products that remove over 99% of all waterborne contaminants.

The company has signed an authorised distributor agreement with Dubai-based No More Bottles, a UAE company focused on delivering world-class filtration systems to homes, offices, schools and hospitals as well as sporting events.

“There is accelerating interest throughout the UAE to access premium quality water for drinking and washing that additionally ends the need for harmful single-use plastic bottles of water,” said Bluewater global sales chief Jedidja Rittri.

Mr. Rittri added that the agreement with No More Bottles heralds an accelerating expansion by Bluewater across the MENA market.

“It’s exciting to be launching Bluewater water purifiers in the UAE due to their unique and disruptive purification technologies that enable eco savvy consumers, businesses and organisations to access pristine water,” said Ian Hannah (photo below), co-founder and managing partner of No More Bottles

Compact and with a powerhouse clean water delivery rate, Bluewater water purifiers have built a solid reputation in markets such as the USA and China in the five years since the brand was launched in Sweden. Last year saw Bluewater honoured with two Fast Company World Changing Ideas Awards as well as a 2019 K&B Kitchen Innovation of the Year Award.

Bluewater harnesses patented new-generation reverse osmosis technology to remove virtually all pollutants from tap water, including toxic metals, chemicals and micro-plastics, and limescale. And do it in a way that slashes the water wastage commonly associated with RO systems by up to 80 percent.

The company has won acclaim for its unique water stations used at major sporting and musical functions to halt the need for single-use plastic bottles.

In July 2019, Bluewater helped the prestigious R and A golf association halt sales of all plastic bottles during The Open in Portrush, Northern Ireland, delivering tens of thousands of litres of pristine water over four intensive days to golf players and fans across the course.

As part of its stance against single-use plastics, Bluewater additionally offers a range of BPA free stainless-steel bottles that have proven hugely popular at sporting and musical events.

“We look forward to showcasing our water technology and other solutions that help people at work, rest and play enjoy cleaner, healthier water on demand without the need to single-use plastic bottles,” said Jedidja Rittri.

For more information please contact, David Noble, PR & Communications Director, at + 44 7789 302 694 or david.noble@bluewatergroup.com