Bluewater Begins China Rollout Of Latest Water Purifier Series and Optimized Pre-filters With Fresh Looks, More Benefits

Bluewater has announced the launch in China of three new residential and light commercial water purifiers offering a harmonized balance of design personality, performance and price to give users a choice of devices enhancing health, wellness and lifestyle needs. In addition, Bluewater is simultaneously launching a new range of pre-filters customized for the Chinese market together with its high-performance new second-generation Superior Osmosis™ reverse osmosis models at the WQA Aquatech China 2015 water industry trade show in Shanghai, running 10 – 12 June.

As China wages a war on water pollution, Bluewater’s three latest water purifiers offer highly relevant world-leading water purification technologies housed in stylish and ergonomic bodies in a cool grey color. With their Scandinavian-designed compact, rounded shapes, the water purifiers install easily under a kitchen sink unit to provide easy filter change and maintenance access, while the latest pre-filters are optimized to handle the challenges posed by polluted drinking water.

“These new water purifiers are simply stunning in terms of design and water purification performance and deliver improved ergonomics for easier access,” said Niclas Wullt, managing director of the Swedish brand that swept onto the Chinese stage just 12 months ago. Bluewater has been awarded full MOH certification by China’s Health Inspection Authority, which is one of the toughest endorsements of its kind in the world that certifies Bluewater purifiers do exactly what they claim when it comes to removing contaminants such as lead, microorganisms, pesticides, and toxins from tap drinking water.

Mr. Wullt added: “Bluewater understands that people have different needs and our new series of water purifiers provide consumers and professional restaurant and other businesses with a range of options in size and looks that encompass the best of Bluewater’s water purification technologies.”

Bluewater’s smallest water purifier, Cleone, is a high-performing classic reverse osmosis unit that take ease of premium purification to the next level. Bluewater’s mid-sized water purifier, Spirit, has a sleek, contemporary style to fit naturally into any home environment and deliver 3-liters of direct flow water per minute (43.2 US gallons/hour). And the larger Bluewater Pro is probably the most powerful compact water purifier in the marketplace, delivering an astonishing 5.7 liters of water per minute (81.3 US gallons/hour) to professional users or those wanting a whole house water purification system.

Both the Spirit and Pro models harness Bluewater’s unique second-generation patented SuperiorOsmosis™ technology. They both unite next-gen design and innovation to generate clean water 24/7, using little energy and reducing the water wastage commonly associated with traditional reverse osmosis systems by up to 82 percent – a timely benefit in a world where tap water pollution and shortages are becoming increasingly commonplace.

Mr. Laurence Dai, head of Bluewater’s operations in China, said that with its latest water purifiers, Bluewater is giving consumers and business users solutions that best fit their health, wellness and lifestyle needs. Noting water systems are in crisis around the world, he said that households and businesses alike increasingly need to take individual responsibility for the safety of the water coming out of their taps.

“Bluewater’s fully functional, patented SuperiorOsmosis™ technology enables users to purify tap water faster, on demand and at a higher purification grade with less wastage than our competitors, while removing practically all known potentially harmful contaminants,” Mr. Dai said.

Bluewater: Working towards a healthier world

Bluewater believes clean drinking water is a basic human right. Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, and sold in markets globally, the company strives to set the standard for quality and safety in innovating and manufacturing residential and light commercial water purification products that improve the lives of people around the world. As one of the world’s premium water purification companies, Bluewater is committed to advance the health and wellness of men, women and children by challenging the contaminants that find their way into tap drinking water, in Europe, North America and Asia.