The Bluewater ‘Oasis’ hydration station serves free still and sparkling water to visitors at the Artemis Racing pavilion area in the America's Cup Village on Bermuda.

Bluewater and America’s Cup Challenger Artemis Racing provide free purified drinking water to people visiting America’s Cup Village in Bermuda through June

Bermuda, May 29, 2017 – The month-long America’s Cup races provide spectators with the opportunity to watch the top sailing athletes in the world go head-to-head at speeds up to 80 kilometers per hour for the oldest trophy in international sport.

But the heat will be on in other ways as Bermuda’s high temperatures and soaring humidity in June puts intense pressure on competitors and spectators alike to stay well hydrated. And for that reason, Swedish challenger Artemis Racing has teamed up with Sweden’s water purification innovator Bluewater to provide a free unlimited supply of still and sparkling water from a unique hydration station located at its pavilion in the American Cup Village in the Royal Naval Dockyard.

Specially designed to meet the needs of the thousands of people expected to visit the Village every day during the month-long series of races, the Bluewater Oasis harnesses a powerhouse Bluewater Pro water purifier able to deliver over 80 U.S. gallons (342 liters) of purified water an hour. The Bluewater Pro takes water from a municipal supply, purifies it using second-generation reverse osmosis technology and then connects to an Elkay Blubar dispensing system that delivers either still or chilled sparkling water.

“The great thing about our Bluewater Oasis hydration station is that apart from providing people purer water on demand, it also slashes the need to buy single-use plastic bottles. At full capacity, the Bluewater Pro can deliver around 1,248 U.S. gallons of water a day, which over a year is the equivalent of 1.7 million one-liter (33.8 fl.oz) bottles of water,” said Bluewater’s founder Bengt Rittri, a Swedish environmental entrepreneur.

Artemis Racing has set itself the mission to be the most sustainable America’s Cup challenger. And the team has used a custom solution from Bluewater at their Bermuda basecamp that turns rainwater into pristine tap water available on demand for drinking, cooking and washing.

Bluewater’s water purifiers are being used in eight other hydration station systems set up in the village by the company’s local Bermuda agent, Kevin Lanthier of Clear Water Systems. He said that the stations not only serve fresh water to the public but are also being used at the America’s Cup head quarters, the television centre and in the main dining room for the over 300 volunteers working during the six-week period of the event.

“The America’s Cup represents the pinnacle of competitive sailing technology and human sporting endeavor, and we’re very happy to be helping Artemis Racing supply spectators with purer, healthier drinking water to help them stay well hydrated and avoid dehydration problems as well as reduce the need for single-use plastic bottles,” said Bengt Rittri.

Editors notes:

Bluewater waterpurifiers are WQA Gold Seal certified, which assures customers Bluewater’s products have been tested and certified to industry standards and meet the claims made on the company’s packaging and literature.

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