As World Celebrates World Oceans Day, Bluewater Calls On ‘Waterpreneurs’ Globally to Address Urban Water Scarcity Challenges

Stockholm, Sweden, June 8, 2018 –– Bluewater, a world leader in drinking water purification technologies and solutions, today celebrated World Oceans Day with a call to action directed at water entrepreneurs around the world to enter the company’s one-million-dollar global innovation challenge for urban water scarcity.

“World Oceans Day is about preventing plastic pollution and encouraging solutions for a healthy ocean, which touches the aspirations of our global innovation competition,” said Anders Jacobson, Bluewater President.

He added that the Imagine H2O 2018 Urban Drinking Water Scarcity Challenge represents an exciting opportunity to unleash ‘waterpreneurs’ to help people and urban authorities in mega-cities manage water resources in an age of growing scarcity’.

Bluewater launched the Challenge in April in partnership with 11th Hour Racing, an organization that establishes strategic partnerships within the sailing and maritime communities to promote collaborative, systemic change benefitting the health of our ocean. With entries closing on July 2, the initiative is being run under the auspices of the Imagine H2O water innovation accelerator organization and is open to entrepreneurs developing promising solutions related to Alternative Supply, Distributed Access and Delivery and, Ecosystem Health.

The three winners will be showcased on August 27 at a special event during Stockholm Water Week, in the Swedish capital.

“Both Bluewater and 11th Hour Racing want to empower innovations that can create a direct and scalable impact for water-scarce cities and at-risk communities. The Challenge aims to facilitate the deployment of real solutions to a real problem,” said Anders Jacobson.

The Global Innovation Challenge is open to applications, register here.

For more information, contact David Noble PR & Communications Director at or at +44 7785 302 694