A tap full of worms...

We've heard of a can of worms, but what about a tap full of worms... and other insects?

Image the nightmare scenario of turning on your faucet and out pours worms and tadpoles. Sounds pretty yucky. But, that apparently is just what is happening in the province of Aksaray in central Turkey.

Local residents have told journalists that the fault lies with pipes supplying water to the province that were installed two decades ago and are now wearing out....

Horrible as the story sounds, it is not unusual. Even the U.S. has suffered similar outbreaks.

Two years ago Oklahoma resident began noticing small red organisms known as “blood worms” appearing in their drinking water. The Verge reported: “Schools are closed, convenience stores can't serve fountain sodas, and residents have been instructed not to cook or brush their teeth using tap water.”

And in July, Texas residents in Old River-Winfree, a town of about 1,400 roughly 25 miles east of Houston, reported finding brown and red worms in their tap water. "The private water company responsible blames the invasion on a power outage and broken equipment," USA Today reported.