Kitchen Station

Turn your tap into a source of pure mineralized water.

Kitchen station

Tap into pure mineralized water right at home

How it works


Remove all impurities to make room for taste with our Spirit Purifier.


Add Swedish minerals and natural extracts for better taste and well-being.


Serve your drink in reusable bottles, contributing to a plastic-free world.

Bottle pouring

The Tech Orchestrating the Mineralized Tap Water

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Dosing Pump

Kitchen Station's dosing pump ensures consistent, precise mineral infusion, unlike other Reverse Osmosis Systems where remineralization filters gradually stop providing minerals and decline in accuracy over time.

Control Box

Orchestrating customization, connecting everything.

Spirit Purifier

Purifying your water with our SuperiorOsmosis™ tech, far surpassing reverse osmosis.

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Bluewater O

A Powerful Way to Control Your Tap Water

Puck asleepPuck with red and orangePuck spinning

At sleep: Lights turned off to seamlessly fit in you environment.

Municipal water: Orange indicates that municipal tap water is being poured.

Bluewater Mineralized: O spins when your water is mineralized and purified.

Homemade, not pre-made

Homemade, not pre-made

We give you the tools to become a Bluewater maker. You're creating Bluewater, a drink that is pure, delicious and planet friendly.

Health benefits

Heart, muscle and bone health

Calcium and magnesium in water foster bone strength, and aid heart and muscle function.

Microplastic removal

Eliminating microplastics from water protects your health by reducing exposure to potential toxins and environmental pollutants.

Free from PFAS

Eradicating PFAS from water safeguards your health by minimizing exposure to these harmful, persistent chemicals.

Innovating with Planet in Mind

Zero Transportation

Premium water purified by you locally, minimizing your footprint.

Skip the plastic

No more single-use plastic bottles.

What's in the box

Bluewater Spirit

Bluewater Spirit

Control Box

Control Box

Mineral Extract and Dosing Pump

Mineral Extract and Dosing Pump

Bluewater O

Bluewater O

Dive Deeper into Bluewater for Kitchens


Spirit Purifier