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Water Purification

Water Purification

Purely groundbreaking



Healthy, delicious minerals from Swedens mountains

Personalize your water

Personalize your water

Choose and adjust minerals in your water

Peace of mind

Peace of mind

Safe hydration for you and your family

Kitchen Station 1™

Kitchen Station 1™ is a compact, revolutionary water purification solution boasting SuperiorOsmosis™ technology. This sleek device connected to your tap delivers 99.7% pure water infused with the world's purest minerals, Liquid Rock. It's a blend of health, taste, and sustainability, neatly fitting under your sink. Uniquely, the Bluewater App allows users to precisely adjust their mineral intake, offering complete control over water's taste and health benefits.

Spirit Purifier

Spirit Purifier is the engine of the Kitchen Station 1™. Powerful yet compact. Serves up to 660 people daily for drinking & cooking. You get up to 3 litres of purified water a minute.

Water Purification

Dive into Purity

Mobile top view of osmosis system

Up to


Purer than traditional carbon filters.

You save


more water than other Reverse Osmosis systems.


The technology boasts one of the highest purification rates in the market, an impressive 99.7%. The Spirit Purifier's SuperiorOsmosis™ outperforms its rivals with an up to 70% recovery rate, addressing a critical flaw in traditional reverse osmosis systems – water wastage. The longest membrane lifetimes in the industry mean reduced replacement frequency, resulting in cost savings for you over time. It also signifies less environmental strain. The cost savings, in the long run, emerge not just from the financial perspective but also from an ecological viewpoint, making SuperiorOsmosis™ a beacon of responsible innovation in the industry.

What our purification removes







Sediments and Rust

Bad Taste and Odor

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)





Disinfection Byproducts (DBPs)

Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs)

Pharmaceuticals and personal care products (PPCP)

Microplastics (various sizes)

Hormones and Endocrine Disruptors / Bisfenol A (BPA)







Bacterial Contamination (e.g., E.coli, Coliforms)

Nano plastics

Dissolved solids









Liquid rock™

Minerals for your health and taste

Liquid Rock is a scientifically designed blend of Swedish minerals used in the Kitchen Station 1™. It ensures balanced hydration and a refreshing taste by maintaining an ideal ratio of twice as much Calcium to Magnesium, optimized for the body's absorption of these vital minerals. Harvested directly from Sweden's untouched mountains, sourced from the world's finest dolomite in ancient Swedish bedrock. Pure, natural, and exactly as nature intended.

Choose and adjust your mineral levels

Top view of osmosis system

Bluewater App

Allows you to precisely adjust their mineral intake, offering complete control over water's taste and health benefits. With three mineralization levels, you can choose the taste that suits you best, light, medium and bold.


Swedish-mineral-infused for a light, refreshing finish.


Taste the balance, inspired by pure spring water, infused with Swedish minerals.


Taste the fullness mirroring Sweden’s lofty peaks, rich with minerals.

Tap your way to pure water

“I just want to have safe water for me and my kids, that's basically it.”

Maximilian Lundin, Chef

Benefits of Bluewater in your home

Beauty Water

An image of a tap pouring bluewater in a reusable glass bottle

Plant Water

An image of a tap pouring bluewater in a reusable glass bottle

Pet Water

An image of a pet drinking bluewater

8 of 10 participants preferred the taste of Bluewater over Fiji Water in a blind test

From consultation to installation

1. Buy or contact us

Buy it online and we’ll contact you and arrange an installation within the coming weeks or when it suits you. Or contact us to get a free, no-strings email or call.

2. Installation

Once the quote is accepted, our technicians come to your home, install and perform a cost-free water analysis on your new system.

3. Annual Service

We offer an annual service agreement to ensure that your water maintains the highest quality year after year.

4. Support anytime

Should anything unexpected happen, our specialists are ready to assist you.

Innovating with Planet in Mind

Zero Transportation

Premium water purified by you locally, minimizing your footprint.

Skip the plastic

No more single-use plastic bottles.

What's in the box

Bluewater Spirit

Bluewater Spirit

Control Box

Control Box

Bluewater O

Bluewater O

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Spirit Purifier