Bluewater Is Water for Life

Bluewater purifies municipal drinking water at point of use in homes, offices & commercial establishments. Bluewater water purifiers remove up to 99% of lead and other water contaminants, from chemicals to micro-plastics, using unique reverse osmosis filtration. Innovated in Sweden, Bluewater SuperiorOsmosis™ provides more pure water per gallon than the competition.

We have three phenomenal purification systems for pristine purified water:

  • The Bluewater Cleone produces 50 GPD for home and fits easily under the counter.
  • The Bluewater Spirit generates 936 GPD of pure water for drinking and coffee in offices and small businesses.
  • The Bluewater Pro provides 1,825 GPD to restaurants for a variety of applications including drinking, baking and cleaning.

We would love to discuss our water purification technology with you. Please use the below form to let us know how we can follow up with you and the Bluewater product you are interested in.