Huge fun for people, great for the planet

Events from marathons to music festivals are infamous for creating huge clean-up operations to tackle the mess left by the crowds of visitors, not least the swathes of plastic cup and bottle litter. Bluewater has the products to change that to a bad memory. Bluewater hydration stations serving chilled still or sparkling water are designed to generate clean drinking water on site and end the need for single use plastic bottles, cups and other containers.




Staying hydrated during any event, indoors or outdoors, during the day or late into the night, has posed a mounting threat to the environment. To help festival organisers and goers alike, Bluewater has developed a ‘zero waste’ hydration station solution for events that is focused on reducing, reusing and recycling. Whatever the water supply, municipal, borehole or waste water, Bluewater can turn it into pristine drinking water on the spot, delivering chilled still or sparking water in large quantities on demand.

No one can do everything, but everyone can do something – make your contribution and (sustainability) statement.


  • Encourage people to avoid using single use plastic bottles, reduce clean up costs for organisers
  • Deliver clean and safe drinking water with minimal carbon footprint, increase event sales of own reusable bottles
  • Reduce transportation, generate a new profit stream for event organisers
  • Save the planet from wasteful single-use plastic bottles