Water purification for private well

Live better with purified well water

Let Bluewater bring pure water into your home, removing contaminants like bacteria, iron, manganese, sulfur, lead, pesticides, pharmaceutical residues and micro-plastics from your well water. For the whole house? Make your private well water safer for drinking, cooking, showering and doing laundry. Only want great-tasting drinking water? Just install a Bluewater water purifier under your kitchen sink for healthier drinking and cooking. Feel better, live healthier – with Bluewater.

Boost your well-being

  • Purified well water for your home
  • Drink better, eat better, feel better, live better
  • Easy to install, operate and use
  • Longer-lasting household appliances
  • Measurable water and electricity savings
  • Less water wasted to meet all your water needs

Clear and odor free

Improve the quality of your well water with a Bluewater Pro Purifier Purified water doesn’t stain, look discolored or smell funny. Virtually contaminant-free water comes straight from your kitchen faucet, showerheads, dishwasher and washing machine – giving you all the water you need for your home. Plus your clothes steamer and coffee, tea, dishwashing, washing machines last longer.

Great taste with Bluewater

Nothing quenches your thirst like a glass of pure delicious water from Bluewater. Enjoy pristine water straight from your tap or chilled in your fridge. Food prepped with purified water – pasta, rice and vegetables – tastes better too. Coffee is more full-bodied, tea blends are tastier, and beverages over ice are satisfyingly cold without tasting or smelling odd. Bluewater makes drinking water more drinkable, and food and beverages more flavorful. Enjoy!

Better health, Cleaner Laundry

Brush your teeth, wash your face, shower and bathe in water without the contaminants that may affect your health. Banish hard water problems that affect your laundry, too. No dingy whites or streaks on colored fabrics. No scratchy towels or stiff sheets. No odors lingering in your textiles. And less wear and tear on your clothing. Plus your washing machine lasts longer too.

More Sustainable use ofr Well Water

Get wise: waste less water. Thanks to the patented SuperiorOsmosis technology, Bluewater Pro Purifier (https://www.bluewatergroup.com/product/bluewater-pro/) and Spirit (https://www.bluewatergroup.com/product/bluewater-spirit/) purify more water and waste less of it than other reverse osmosis water purifiers. You get water that’s healthier for you to drink, to use for food prep, to bathe and shower in. The PRO and Spirit transforms your well water into purified water more efficiently than traditional reverse osmosis systems. Good for you – and the planet.