Bluewater SuperiorOsmosis™ – Delivering more cleaner, healthier drinking water from the tap and drastically cuts the water wastage common to traditional reverse osmosis technology.

Innovated in Sweden, SuperiorOsmosis™ delivers unmatched purification efficiency, operating capacity and service life. SuperiorOsmosis™ technology gives users direct flowing water at up to a stunning 6,912 liters of purified water a day.

Engineered into Bluewater’s sleek looking, point-of-use Spirit and Pro water purifiers, SuperiorOsmosis™ helps ensure cleaner, healthier water that you can trust for drinking, washing fruit and vegetables and cooking for year after year with minimal service requirements.

Bluewater SuperiorOsmosis™ solves the criticism thrown at traditional RO technology that it generates more waste water than clean drinking water. Bluewater’s patented technology not only removes contaminants such as toxic metals like lead, chemicals, pharmaceutical residues, micro-organisms and other harmful substances and particles down to 0.0001 microns, but also dramatically slashes the reject water stemming from the filtration processes.

Why SuperiorOsmosis™

Ready to move to the second generation of reverse osmosis water purifiers?

Introducing Bluewater SuperiorOsmosis™. Unites next-gen design and innovation to create a revelation in water purification with optimized performance on an epic scale. Bluewater’s SuperiorOsmosis™ water purification technology has been innovated with love in Sweden to generate clean water 24 hours a day and when required, using little energy while drastically reducing the water wastage commonly associated with traditional reverse osmosis systems.

How it works

Fully functional, proven and protected, our patented SuperiorOsmosis™ technology enables us to purify and deliver tap water faster, on demand and at a higher purification grade. Our SuperiorOsmosis™ solutions remove dangerous substances such as chlorine, organic contaminants, viruses, medical residues such as hormones, particles, arsenic, lead and toxic metals.

Step 1

Contaminated water enters the water delivery system via the inlet water.

Step 2

Larger contaminants are removed using a high-quality Bluewater activated carbon pre-filter.

Step 3

Bluewater’s superior membrane removes the tiniest contaminants down to 0.0001 micron in size (that is 400 times smaller than the smallest virus).

Step 4

Bluewater’s patented SuperiorOsmosis™ circulation technology continuously cleans the membrane, ensuring higher flow, better purification, less waste water and longer membrane lifetime.

Step 5

Harmful contaminants are flushed out with the outlet water.

Step 6

The Bluewater Pro delivers crystal clean, healthier and great tasting drinking water directly out of your tap.