The ultimate solution for plastic water bottle free events and venues

without compromising profitability

Use a Bluewater hydration solution that stops
the need for single-use plastic bottles

Pure, clean water created and served at point of use

Bluewater hydration stations ensure large numbers of visitors are served pure, delicious and planet friendly water on demand, avoiding the unsustainable transportation of plastic bottles and their costly collection and disposal.

Pure, clean water created and served at point of use

Bluewater empowers event, festival and venue organisers to harness a planet-friendly ecosystem combining bottles, an eye-catching messaging platform and digital signage option. We help large-scale operations make a high-visibility statement about tackling single-use plastic bottles.

Bluewater hydration solutions are a familiar
sight at large events around the planet

The 150th Open, St Andrews
The Volvo Ocean Race, 2018 Tour
11th Hour Racing
America's Cup, Bermuda
Formula E, 2018 Tour
Vasaloppet Ski Race, Sweden
Zayed Sports City, UAE
Cape Town Marathon

Meet Bluewater Global Sports Sustainability Ambassador Ellie Aldridge, British Formula Kite Olympic Challenger

Ellie explains why she’s supporting the anti-single use plastic bottle movement by Bluewater, which has set its sights on being a world leading sustainable beverage company delivering innovative hydration solutions to top sporting and other events, festivals and venues.

Flexible solutions for any event or venue

Custom branded water stations

Bluewater’s dispensing stations comes in a variety of useful sizes that each serve as an attractive income generating promotional branding system. The stations can also be equipped with credit card payment systems and digital signage screens. The technology inside requires little maintenance, is energy efficient, and turns practically any water into drinking water as pure as nature intended while filling a 400 ml bottle in under 8 seconds.

Custom branded reusable bottles

Bluewater eco-friendly bottles comes in a variety of user-friendly sizes from 400 ml to 2 liters that can be branded with specific messages. Events and businesses can choose to distribute the bottles free or offer for purchase as official sustainable merchandise items that simultaneously help the planet while providing an income stream. Warrantied to last 100 years, the Bluewater event bottles are made of stainless steel and use silicone for sealants and carrying loops.

Digital signage solutions

Our hydration stations provide an ideal platform for attracting and holding the attention of people in public areas. Adding a TV screen provides a powerful communication tool for any company wanting to promote its products or brand messages. We can place our water stations equipped with digital signage in public spaces, including: museums, sporting arenas, academic buildings, retail stores, corporate spaces, conference centres, and factories.

We take care of everything

Contact the Bluewater team in the UK for more information using the contact form below. We will do everything for you to help create a sustainable event that satisfies people’s thirst for life without compromising the planet.

Bespoke bottles, the perfect souvenir

Selling sustainable, reusable event branded stainless steel bottles as official merchandise helps generate a lasting positive feeling and revenue.

Branding your environmental commitment

Team members, staff and VIPs can be given sustainable branded bottles to help promote your environmental commitment.

VIP packaging

Provide top athletes and VIPs with their own personalised exclusive planet-friendly branded bottles. 

Join the planet friendly movement with permanent hydration solutions

Bluewater also supplies bespoke solutions for public dispensing of pure, delicious and planet friendly water for businesses, venues, and destinations wanting to take a prominent stand for sustainability and the health of the planet and future generations. We have Bluewater solutions suitable for:

  • Sports clubs
  • Gyms
  • Golf courses
  • Transport hubs
  • Supermarkets
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Hotels

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