Dee Caffari and Bluewater team up

World-leading yachtswoman Dee Caffari becomes Bluewater Global Brand Ambassador

Yachting hero Dee Caffari has become a Bluewater Global Ambassador that will see her promote the Bluewater Brand on a continuous basis at key events, contribute blogs and other social media content and help develop a Bluewater Water Education Program.


Dee says she is passionate about human and planetary health and working with Bluewater will help her in the efforts to raise awareness about plastic pollution in our oceans and take action to turn the tide on plastic. “Bluewater and I share a deep-rooted desire to make a positive impact on the planet by bringing together our mutual creativity, drive and belief that a water without plastics world is achievable,” said Dee.

Making positive change happen

Bluewater believes its partnership with Dee Caffari goes beyond sport to champion human ingenuity and innovation to make positive change happen in the world. “Dee is one of the greatest living sportswomen in history, for whom I have the deepest respect for her skills both on and off the water. She has sailed around the world five times and is the first woman to have sailed single-handed and non-stop around the world in both directions,” said Anders Jacobson, Bluewater President and Chief Strategy Officer.

Natural partnership

Anders describes the sporting partnership with Dee as a natural partnership. He underscored how Bluewater is a water purification company that views itself as a life company focused on harnessing human ingenuity to make good things happen as a world leading innovator of drinking water technology and solutions in a world where water quality is increasingly at risk from climate change and contamination by the likes of chemicals and microplastics.

Supports numerous charities

Dee actively works with numerous charities. She is a patron for the charity Sail 4 Cancer and a proud ambassador for UKSA and the Royal Yacht Association (RYA) Green Blue Campaign helping to promote a better marine environment. Since 2015, Dee has been a presenter and producer for the online Global Women’s Sports Network WiSP Sports helping to support and encourage female athletes and sport.