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Bluewater is a world leading water purification brand with sales in Europe, North America, China, South East Asia, and Africa. But we are still growing our network and are on the lookout for premium dealers in the home appliance and water purification market who share our commitment to bring healthier drinking and washing water to households and commercial establishments.

Bluewater offers contemporary, high quality and cost-efficient water purifiers. Investing in innovation, research and development and technical performance, we offer our unique SuperiorOsmosis™ technology. Ensuring an unmatched clean water delivery rate, filtration, capacity and efficiency for superior water purification.

Our mission is to sustain Bluewater as a world–leading premium brand. Can our goal turn out a profitable deal for you as well? As our partner, we will give you first-class product training, service and technical as well as creative marketing and promotional materials. Contact us via the form below.