Welcome to Bluewater

Welcome to Bluewater

In a world drowning in unhealthy drinks & throwaway choices, there’s an opportunity to be different.

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With Bluewater, you’re no longer buying a drink, you’re making your own.

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For You

With Bluewater you’re choosing health over harmful ingredients.

For People
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For People

You’re supporting projects delivering pure water to those in need.

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Giving back projects


Hydration stations in schools in disadvantage communities.

Fire Fighters

Drinking water to fire fighters during disasters.


Education on the importance of water in our poor communities.

For the Planet

1 Billion

Bottles Saved

mother earth also lightened by 15 million bottles we've picked up

mother earth also lightened by 15 million bottles we've picked up

Dive deeper into what we do for you, people and the planet

The Bluewater Kitchen Station 1 provides peace of mind to consumers by removing contaminants such as toxic PFAS chemicals or bacteria  in their tap water.
Water Purification

Banish tap water contaminants with the world’s most advanced kitchen water purification system from Bluewater delivering unique IoT ‘liquid rock’ mineralisation and the O ‘at-a-glance’ water quality monitor

~ Swedish water and beverage brand Bluewater collaborated with top nutritional scientists to offer health aware consumers the ultimate kitchen gadget that removes 99.97 percent of toxic chemicals from kitchen tap water and then remineralises it ~ Amid gro...