Enjoy the confidence your well water has been turned into pure, healthy drinking and washing water

For high-quality water from a well, spring or borehole, a Bluewater Pro or Spirit water purifier is the ideal solution for use in a home or small business. An incredibly compact, quick to install and low energy Bluewater water purifier will generate good quality, pleasant tasting water by tackling problems such as harmful bacteria, chemical or other contaminant pollution, staining, murky unpleasant appearance and other issues.


Many people all over the world rely on well, spring or borehole water for their residential water needs. However, treatment of private water can be complicated depending on the contaminants present in the water, including low pH level, turbidity, and high iron, manganese and bacteria levels. In hundreds of applications, Bluewater water purifiers have proven the cost-effective and efficient solution to tackling contaminants and delivering a high-quality private water supply.

WHY choose BLUEWATER’s products?

Bluewater Pro 400 and Spirit 300 water purifiers are proven best-in-class, durable and compact, point-of-use water purifiers for home-owners using a well, spring or borehole who want an on-demand source of pure water for cooking, washing and drinking. Thanks to the Bluewater patented SuperiorOsmosis™ system, users get more water for their investment by drastically reducing the wastewater generated by conventional reverse osmosis solutions.

KEY BENEFITS of Bluewater post humidifier water purification

  • Compact, durable unit generates pure water from well, spring and borehole water
  • Quick to install, long life filters and membrane
  • Long lasting efficiency, savings on servicing and energy expenses
  • Reduced water waste