A Bluewater PRO 600CV fitted to a commercial humidification system in a supermarket chain, or grocery store, will help deliver better quality fruit and vegetables as well as build bottom line by boosting consumer appeal, and dramatically reducing water system scaling.

The problem we solve

Bluewater water purifiers are a perfect complement for humidification systems designed to reduce fruit and vegetable maturing as well as keep produce looking fresher and more attractive. Our water purifiers also fight the scaling that can impact the efficiency of a humidification system or even reduce its working lifetime. Bluewater removes contaminants from water such as minute dust, limescale and chemicals, which can reduce shelf life and negatively impact taste.

Why choose Bluewater’s products?

Delivering unmatched amounts of on-demand purified water, the compact and robust Bluewater Pro 600 provides commercial environments purer water on demand, 24/7. A Bluewater Pro 600 will help humidifier systems stay working at maximum efficiency for longer and keep food remaining more refreshing and appealing.

Moreover, with its patented SuperiorOsmosis™ second-generation RO system, a Bluewater Pro 600 drastically reduces the wastewater associated with conventional reverse osmosis solutions.

KEY BENEFITS of Bluewater water purification for humidifiers

  • Lower product spoilage, longer shelf life
  • Longer lasting humidification efficiency, savings on servicing and energy expenses
  • Fresher, cleaner and more visually attractive produce, pushing sales
  • Reduced food waste
  • Improved operating efficiency and longer system life due to limescale reduction