Turning salty brackish water into pure drinking water

A Bluewater Pro easily turns most brackish water into lovely sweet water, great to drink, shower in and do the washing with. Just run a hose into the water, pump it up and process it through the Bluewater Pro, sweet and simple, 24/7, and as pure as nature intended, available.

The problem we solve

Brackish water is a mix of part salty, part fresh water and is found in the Baltic and Black Seas as well as estuaries, deltas and mangrove swamps. It is also a great source of residential water that is frequently overlooked. But thanks to the Bluewater Pro unique purification technology anyone living close to brackish water can now access it free of charge and turn the salty mix into pure safe water for drinking, cooking and washing purposes. The remarkable Bluewater Pro can handle up to a TDS 15,000 level, harnessing our unique patented, second generation reverse osmosis technology.

Why choose Bluewater’s products?

Highly compact, extremely durable and using minimal energy, Bluewater Pro 400 helps home owners create their own near-endless source of pure water for cooking, washing and drinking. And the patented SuperiorOsmosis™ system not only removes other contaminants along with the salt, but also drastically reduces the waste water traditional to ordinary reverse osmosis solutions, which is good news for the environment.


  • Highly compact and efficient water purifiers
  • Removes both salt and contaminants and turns brackish sea water into pure drinking water
  • Long life membranes and filters