We are friendly, ingenuitive* doers . . .

. . . Who make things happen

What began in Sweden as a hugely ambitious idea to restore our planet, clean our oceans and improve human health, has evolved into the leading global innovator in drinking water solutions. We are driven, enthusiastic and imaginative individuals who, like you, dare to dream big and are united by a common purpose: to use the power of human ingenuity to solve critical challenges relating to pure, fresh drinking water. This is not a matter of dreaming. We are making it happen by achieving real results through our inventive approaches.


We make pure, fresh water anywhere. Our water is purified locally with minimal waste, which eliminates the need for single-use plastic bottles and transportation.


* Ingenuitive, pronounced “in-juh-noo-i-tive”, is the quality of being cleverly inventive or resourceful. At Bluewater, we believe in the power of human ingenuity to solve the world’s problems. This means we do not just stand by and allow the status quo to determine the world’s fate. Instead, we work relentlessly to find smarter solutions – applying our brains, enthusiasm and the resources at hand, and taking positive action to benefit of our planet and all of humanity.