The Ocean Race 


So we are leveraging the power of sport to sail towards a better future.

Bluewater is to be the official drinking water partner to The Ocean Race, the round-the-world extreme sailing spectacular that replaces the former Volvo Ocean Race, because we thirst to provide people everywhere clean water without relying on throwaway plastic bottles.

why we are in it

For Bluewater, the Race – a round-the-clock pursuit of competitive edge and the ultimate ocean marathon– enables us to help return the planet to health by engaging with sailing and other sports fans to drive home our sustainability messaging.

With micro plastics now in the water we drink, the food we eat and the air we breathe, partnering with The Ocean Race allows us to spotlight here-and-now solutions to the micro-plastics tsunami threatening planetary and human wellbeing.


The ocean race 

Starting from Alicante, Spain, in the autumn of 2021 and finishing in Europe in early summer of 2022, the competing racing yachts will visit up to nine stopover ports, with the race route scheduled to be announced this summer.

The race villages will showcase sustainable living in action, including Bluewater’s iconic water stations that generate pure water from practically any source no matter how contaminated, providing host cities and millions of visitors with the ultimate water drinking experience.

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