Unmatched amount of on-demand purified water

Delivering unmatched amounts of on-demand purified water, the compact and robust Bluewater Pro provides professional environments fresh drinking, washing and cooking water 24/7.

A veritable powerhouse point-of-use water purifier, the Bluewater Pro delivers an amazing 6,912 liters of water per day. Removing most all known waterborne contaminants, Pro harnesses patented second-generation SuperiorOsmosis™ reverse osmosis technology to generate pristine water from municipal water.

Bluewater Pro allows professional environments to generate their own premium quality purified drinking water that can be served still or sparkling in eco-friendly glass bottles branded with their own name. Bluewater Pro also enables catering businesses to improve their bottom line by avoiding costly purchasing, transporting, and storing of plastic and other outsourced bottled waters.

Connect Bluewater Pro to the fridge to get pure ice cubes and to the dishwasher to ensure sparkling glassware and dishes no matter how hard the inlet water is.

Easy to install, maintain and use

Bluewater Pro satisfies your thirst for a nicer environment by transforming tap water into fresh water as pure as nature intended.


Premium Purification

Long-life Membrane

Superior Flow

Superior Osmosis

Brackish Water

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