KSSS Sandhamn

Royal Swedish Yacht Club partners with Bluewater to turn Baltic Sea water into drinking water

Bluewater and the Royal Swedish Yacht Club are turning Baltic water into clean drinking water for summer visitors to the Stockholm archipelago island of Sandhamn to help protect its threatened underground water reservoirs and help avoid the use of disposable plastic bottles.

KSSS has taken the initiative to help save threatened water supplies on the beautiful Baltic Sea island of Sandhamn this summer by opening a unique hydration station that serves fresh drinking water generated from water pumped directly from the sea. The water station has been built by Stockholm-based Bluewater, a world leader in easy-to-use water purification technologies.

“Sandhamn, which is a highly popular destination for KSSS members during the summers months, suffers an acute water shortage. That’s why we decided to find a solution by using water from the Baltic.” said Magnus Woxén, head of operations at KSSS.

“Thanks to Bluewater can now offer visitors to Sandhamn the chance to drink as much water as they want without having to place any demand on local resources just be using the water from the Baltic.”

Bluewater uses its patented, second generation reverse osmosis technology to turn brackish Baltic Sea water into fresh drinking water.

Bluewater’s compact water purifiers remove up to 99% of most known water contaminants such as toxic metals like lead, chemicals, pharmaceutical residues, and micro-organisms down to 0.0001 microns (500,000 times tinier than the diameter of a human hair), while using around 80 percent less water than a traditional RO water purifier to flush out contaminants.