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Does the Cleone purify all kinds of water?


The Bluewater Cleone is designed to purify water being delivered from a municipal water utility. The Cleone harnesses a basic five-stage filtration system comprising 3-stage pre-filtration, reverse osmosis and carbon post-filtration. Together this helps ensure impurities and contaminants that may be found in municipal water are removed.

How often do I need to change a filter?


The frequency of filter change depends naturally on the quality of the water being purified by your Cleone. We generally advise filters should be changed at least every six months. However, Cleone is equipped with a handy ‘water quality monitor’ to supervise the quality of feed and filtered water – should the water deteriorate, a blue lamp will light up to advise you a filter change is required.

Is it difficult to change a filter?


Changing a filter in a Cleone has been designed to be as easy as possible. The Cleone manual explains the simple steps required to change a filter or, alternatively, look at our filter change video, which will talk you through the process.

Filter change video >>

Filter change manual >>

I have heard bacteria can build up in the holding tank of a water purifier, is that a risk with the Bluewater Cleone?


If a reverse osmosis system is not cleaned and sanitized regularly there is a potential risk of bacterial, fungal and mold growth in the holding tank, on the membrane, and on the tank lining. To protect against this happening, Bluewater Cleone has an ‘intelligent membrane flush’ that automatically flushes the membrane with a turbulent water stream, prevents feed water from standing still and starts every new filtration process with fresh feed water.

How long will my Bluewater Cleone last?


The Bluewater Cleone has been engineered to deliver you cleaner, healthier water that you can trust for drinking and washing fruit and vegetables for a great many years. In Italy, the Cleone has won the nickname ‘The Tank’ due to its durability reputation.