World’s top performing compact water purifier

Up to 7,000 liters of safer, healthier water every day.

Our water purifiers are designed for people who want safer, healthier water without resorting to single-use plastic bottles. It’s an easy, always on solution for drinking, cooking, and self care. No chemicals, no heavy metals, no bacteria or viruses – now turn on the tap with confidence.

A good reason to drink pure water

When you consider humans are 60% water, it’s clear why hydration is so important to our health. Our purifiers remove virtually all contaminants, including lead, microplastics, chemicals, viruses and bacteria, so you can enjoy purer water directly at home or in the office.

Bluewater SuperiorOsmosis™ technology cleans water faster and more efficiently than other reverse osmosis systems, all whilst saving you money. You get more water to use – and far less is wasted compared to traditional RO solutions.
Our Pro purifier achieves up to an impressive 60% clean water delivery rate, for greater efficiency at home, in the office, and in hotels and restaurants.

Direct Flow

Our market-leading purifiers are innovated with Swedish simplicity in mind. Their streamlined design means they fit compactly under your sink, and require little maintenance.

Smart cleaning​

Featuring an intelligent, smart membrane cleaning technology to help avoid clogging and wear. A clever indicator light alerts you when the filter needs changing, so you can relax knowing you are always drinking purer water.

Swedish design and quality

Designed in Sweden, each of our purifiers comes with a lengthy warranty to guarantee you cleaner, healthier water every day.

Our most powerful water purifier delivers up to 5.7 liters of water per minute without the need for a tank, making it ideal for whole house solutions, restaurants and offices. It comes with three-stage prefiltration and a post-carbon filter, plus our unique SuperiorOsmosis™ technology inside, to provide purer water for drinking and all your needs.

This compact and efficient water purifier delivers up to 3 liters of delicious water every minute, thanks to our unique SuperiorOsmosis™ technology. There’s no need for a tank, meaning it fits neatly under the sink. It’s the ideal solution for your kitchen, ensuring the water from your tap is free from contaminants and safer for your family.

This compact pure water solution uses reverse osmosis technology to deliver up to 190 liters of delicious, healthier water every day for drinking and cooking at home. You can also add a UV lamp for greater protection against bacteria, and a mineral filter to ensure your water is not only contaminant free, but richer in calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium as well.

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Each component of our Reverse Osmosis purifiers has been designed to ensure our products are the most compact and efficient on the market. Every filter, membrane and additional part is tailor-made exclusively for Bluewater to suit its specific purpose.

Hard water is water that contains high levels of chalk. Sometimes this can cause limescale buildup on the membrane of the purifier, which gradually over time can reduce water flow. To ensure this doesn’t happen, simply ensure you descale your purifier regularly.

The reverse osmosis purifying process can reduce the levels of minerals in water. However, there is no evidence to suggest this has any negative effect on health. After all, water typically contains less than 5% of the total minerals needed by our bodies. We believe the most important consideration is eliminating harmful contaminants from the water we drink.

Our Spirit and Cleone purifiers are designed in Sweden and resourcefully made in our own factory in Dongguan, China, while our flagship unit Bluewater Pro is manufactured in Åtvidaberg, Sweden.

Purifying water using reverse osmosis will typically reduce its PH to about 6.5. That may seem low compared to unpurified water, but the human body is designed to regulate its own PH level. That means the acidity of your saliva and stomach fluid will balance out more alkaline water. The most important health factor for your health is that the water you drink is free from metals, chemicals, and other harmful impurities.

Everything about our water purifiers has been carefully thought through with sustainability and efficiency in mind. Our patented SuperiorOsmosis™ technology is unique to Bluewater, and cleans faster and more effectively than other reverse osmosis systems. It works by continuously circulating water through an optimised membrane filter until it’s purified, meaning more pure water is recovered, and less goes to waste.

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Let us call you back

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